Our beef comes from Frank Batty in Grey County. Frank’s product has been an inspiration to us ever since the summer of 2009 when we opened Union Restaurant. His beef continues to amaze us every week; Butter knife tender, great marble.

Our meat can be custom aged to your preference, so if you’re preparing for an event, special dinner or just plain like your steak aged a certain way, call us a few weeks in advance and we will age a cut just for you.

You can pick up a fresh heritage hen or our house sausages made fresh to order every week.  Stop by and grab a few links of them to take home or for a weekend at the cottage.

To order from our shop, call us at 416 532 BEEF (2333).


We source our charcuterie from the Auvergne region in central France, which is famous for its charcuterie and cheese.  It is then hung in our window to dry and age to give it all the flavours of France.  Our house made terrines and foie gras are the best in town!  Our charcuterie platters are perfect for a party or a picnic in the park, just call and order yours for pick up.

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